Tax Enquiries and Investigations

One of IQ’s key areas of expertise, we have decades of experience in successfully dealing with tax enquiries and investigations. All our clients are offered low cost insurance to cover accountancy fees should they be unfortunate enough to come under examination by HMRC.

For most tax-payers this is an extremely stressful time when a sympathetic, guiding hand is most needed. IQ’s role is to bring the enquiry to closure in the earliest possible time, whilst tenaciously obtaining the best possible results for our clients.

IQ’s principal, Geoffrey Brown, has years of experience in dealing with the HMRC and is one of the few UK accountants to have successfully dealt with enquiries instigated by the forensic accountancy service of the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) of the Legal Services Commission.

If you are currently suffering an enquiry into your tax affairs or any aspect of your finances do not hesitate to contact Geoffrey Brown on 0800 035 0570, he will be glad to assist.

As always our contact details are:

T. 01723 377700
F. 0844 807 4750
E. Contact page

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